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next at eight. house republicans abruptly table a vote on taxwhy it stalled. and what bulk of pipeline inspection from state regulators. leaders in san bruno. i'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight at eight. house republicans failed to pass their version of a bill to avert the fiscal cliff, known as plan b. >>reporter: after an hour- long recess to postpone the vote. vote was tabled. and what happens next.
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>> there is only 11 days to avert the fiscal cliff. with the " plan b. it would automatically stop spending cuts for one year. since the main boat has been postponed, political analyst, michael yaki explains what is next. >> congress is going to give something to vote on before christmas but the weather question is that is it going to be sent through the senate, or to the house. i think it is much more likely that the senate because we just do not know if house speaker john venom will get the about of all votes to support. i do not think that house speaker, john boehner and the president are going to work out a deal. but the question is that for the good of the country would be able to work something out for the future before the
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fiscal cliff. for if i do not think that it is going to happen anytime soon. if they cannot work on anything to govern or get the votes. >>reporter: political analysts say house speaker john boehner didn't the main part of his plan b. ahura it passed tonight, there's no time to try and vote on it again after the christmas break. so plan b is most likely dead. there's only 11 days left for congress to avert the fiscal cliff. thursday evening house republicans attempted to resolve the country's financial crisis of it passed by a slim vote of 215 to 209. it would stop one year. since the vote on the main part of plan b has political michael yaki explains what's next. >>pam: what is expected to happen with the economy and how about the economy? and stocks? -- f >> and with from republicans to pass plan b. that means there bohoner could lose his speakership in january. the failure of house republicans to pass their plan b, could affect the stocks have already fallen. certainty. so tonight's necessarily mean the markets liked the house speaker's leaving on christmas break, that shows more uncertainty.
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it could be a roller coaster ride when the stock market opens tomorrow morning. them t >>pam: tonight, california regulators are allowing p- g&e to share the cost of pipeline upgrades with their customers. and some people are furious. the utility company was ordered to improve the safety of it's natural gas pipeline system, after this massvie explosion which destroyed a neighborhood in san bruno and killed 8 people in 2010. now, because of todays decision the the california public utilities commission. a large portion of the cost to upgrade the system. will be passed on to you. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he has more from san bruno. >>reporter: we would not be here if they did not lon >> they are making a profit on action what happens. >>reporter: state senator jerry hill, whose district covers san bruno and who is among those leading the charge for stiffer penalties and more oversight of pg&e, has harsh words for the utility company and the state. he says quote."pg&e owns the state of california and the's shameful that they would allow pg&e to profit from their behavior, their negligence, their poor maintenance."
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>> this is not over by a longshot. >> to try to make sure that this will not happen again the customers will have to pay over the $2 billion in upgrades and collect their normal rate of return on investment 11.3%. the mayor is expected that they will make between 140-$140 million. >> by making a profit of the explosion. it >> by making an explosion they should not have to make it at the expense of ratepayers. >> this continues to fill us and we need a voice for the people, the public to look out for our safety could not charge us more money and blow up our neighborhood. >>reporter: that is an estimated $1 per month extra directly tied to the improvements made sense this fire. i spoke with some people in the neighborhood
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that lost their home in the san bruno. they were not surprised since that pg&e is a company and a half to make money somehow. j. r. stone, san bruno, kron 4. >>pam: the state senator jerry hill has harsh words for the utility company and the state regulators " pg&e owns the state of california and the p u c it is shameful that they would allow pg&e to profit from their behavior, their negligence, their poor maintenance. >> new tonightnew tonight at eight. a violent sex offender has been released from prison and is now on the streets of san francisco. kron 4's alecia reid visited his south of market neighborhood and home, where police went to warn neighbors. >>reporter: police are warning neighbors about this man53 year old david simons --- released from prison this month after serving 24 years for sexually
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assaulting children. he's considered a sexually violent predator. >> >> a violent predator is the worst of the worst, the most serious type of sexual offender, so it is our responsibility to alert the community. >>reporter: he now lives at hotel potter, south of market. inspectors visited his new home and handed out leaflets to people living in the building, alerting them of his presence. some did not welcome the news. >> they shouldn't let people out like that. they should keep him locked up. they got kids playing in parks and stuff like that. we don't need that around here. >>reporter: while karsene mcfadden feels strongly about his new neighbor, others believe simons has paid his debt and deserves a second chance. >> my grandparents were sex offenders and i learnt how to deal with it. i know that there is hope and anybody can change.
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>> he knows what his restrictions are and we don't have to be a constant reminder of that. i'm sure he knows what the consequences of his actions are, and we should let it go at that. >>reporter: simons is no longer on probation or parole, but if he does move from his current residence, he must notify police. in san francisco alecia reid kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight, the c-h-p and santa clara county sheriff's investigators. are still searching for the person who shot at a military recruiter who was driving on highway- 85 in cupertino yesterday. this is video of the scene from sky-7-h-d. the recruiter's car was hit by multiple rounds. but fortunatley the driver was not hurt. kron-4's scott rates has the latest on the search for the gunman. >> tonight i checked with a spokesperson for the santa clara sheriff's office he said that they need the public's help whoever
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shot at a a u.s. marine recorder on highway 85 yesterday afternoon. it was a wild scene along highway 85 in cupertino from the skies 7, abc seven the news video you can deceive investigators searching for evidence. this marines' car was filled with evidence and there were shocked. >> i heard a boom, boom, with 5-7 shots! >> we are very thankful that not only the was no injuries but no one else was hurt. >>reporter: as deputies continue, the sergeant is wondering why. he knows the man and why would somebody want to shoot at the u.s. marine recruiter. and right now, there are more questions than answers and investigators are hoping the public will step forward with any evidence. one step closer to finding whoever fired those shots. >> there are a lot of
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questions. >> of course you of any information you are asked to call the santa clara sheriff's office for discovery, kron 4 >>pam: it is still cold and the rain is starting to return. these are live conditions that the bay bridge toll plaza, san francisco, oakland, san jose. i am. in if the weather center with jacqueline. and the other centers with rain systems. >> we have quite a bit of rain fall saturday and even this sunday. there rain is not moving that quickly. it has been the stalling of but it is off the north bay coast. a light showers and a wider view of satellite and radar showing this stream of moisture towards northern california. this tail end is
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extending to the west coast and offshore. it is not moving that fast and all it is virtually stalled it will press to the south for the overnight hours. rainfall for the entire bay area and gusting winds. the wind is picking up at half moon bay, 25 m.p.h.. 17 in santa rosa and the wind is expected to be even more. it will slowly pressed to the south overnight with moderate rainfall. showers but this is just a first of the systems that will impact us for the weekend. we would take a look. your extended forecast coming up.
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clifford kron 4 news. oakland. and in san jose. behind it. >>pam: in new town, connecticut. more funerals today. for the young victims of last week's elementary school shooting. grant lodes is here now with more. grant? >> six funerals today.and a memorial for a teacher who died shielding her students from bullets. and there are more funerals to come.tomorrow and this weekend. it's the nightmare that continues to play itself out in real life. at least help and support are pouring into newtown, nation. it's the same heart- wrenching scene over and over in newtown. groups of mourners.paying respects.and laying to rest the victims of last friday's shooting. 26 christmas trees line this street. 27 guardian angels representing the lives lost.including the shooter's mother.young women collect donations and hand out christmas ornaments. coffee and food at this local shop are free - thanks to anonymous donations from
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all over the country. >> the emotional wounds are still fresh. today >> invesgtigators finished processing suspect adam lanza's home. that's where the rampage began.with lanza killing his mother in her sleep. nancy lanza was also laid to rest today in a private, family only service. adam lanza has not yet been burried.toxicology results on him are pending. we've mentioned the moment of silence tomorrow at 9:30 am eastern. silicon valley venture capitalist ron conway is leading a world- wide effort to have an on- line moment of silence too. at least 100-thousand people and sites say they'll participate. celebrities promoting this on-line backout tomorrow morning.ryan seacrest, brittney spears, m-c hammer and others. >>pam: still ahead at eight. san franciso's mayor stepping up. and taking a stand against gun violence.
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the regulations he wants in place to prevent a tragedy here. plus, congress grills state department officials over the attack in libya that left an american ambassador dead. and. terrible weather taking a toll in the midwest. the huge storm that's impacting holiday travel plans around the country.
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>> pam: san francisco mayor ed lee is getting behind a new proposal surrounding the sale of gun ammunition. he said today that the mass- murder in connecticut renewed his interest in stopping gun violence. the mayor wants to make it illegal to posses hollow- point bullets. whichexplode on impact. they are already illegal to purchase in san francisco. he also wants to establish a system that would notify police when someone purchases 500 rounds or more of any type of ammunition. >> pam: the proposed legislation is still being
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drafted. and >> there are other types of bullets that are designed for more massive destruction. that should only be in the hands of law enforcement, military and not in the hands of civilians, at all. >> pam: this could could go before the board or supervisors for review in january. >> in national news. the first of two hearings began today into the deadly attack in benghazi that killed four americans. two state department employees testified before the senate foreign relations committee this morning. it comes two days after an independent review released a scathing report on the attack. citing qutoe- "systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies" at the state department. secretary of hillary clinton is unable to attend the hearings following her doctor's orders to rest.
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after suffering a concussion. but she is expected to appear before the house foreign affairs committee about the attack next month. >> intense snowfall could cause some major headaches for travelers trying to fly home to the midwest for the holidays. this is video from wisconsin. heavy snow and strong winds have combined for blizzard conditions in areas from kansas to wisconsin. the windy conditions have also led to tens of thousands of power outages. the weather is also causing a number of flight delays and cancellations. grant lodes is here now with a look at some of the most dramatic weather pictures. >> that is correct, pam. bad timing. this is a dust storm. the cars having a difficult time and this tree down on a car with a tornado in the gulf coast near mobile, alabama. you can see the damage and other images. snowfall in many midwestern states in this semi truck off the road. and as we look
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we can see these working crew members with emergency responders try to get people out from iowa with a 30-car pileup for this and-iowa, that 30 car pileup and that in the-wisconsin. and if you do not have an attraction. this windshield brush seems to be packed away he is using his gloves. and little kids do not mind. they're walking home from school with, they love into the first big snowstorm in if the midwest. >> jacqueline: here is a look at that system on stormtracker 4. plenty of snowfall across the region and heavy rainfall. it is divided between a warm sector. it is filtering in
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as if this iis continuing to provide blizzard conditions for the next 24 hours. we will have on our own storm systems tomorrow and a series for the weekend. the rainfall starting tonight and for the rest of a friday. pretty much all day and on the saturday, the rainfall will continue on the sunday. let us take a look at the satellite & radar. it is edging into the north bay. creeping over the west coast. it is bringing us more moisture inland also moving slowly. that could been heavy rainfall. a look at futurecast it is pinpointing more towards the north bay it is moving so slow i do not know if it is going to happen. not really
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going towards the north bay it is going to be spread, overnight. possibly south of the golden gate. for the morning commute fairly widespread light/moderate for the bay area. that will virtually stalled over the central portion of the bay. and finally, start to move down to the south by 4:00 p.m. and it towards the southern progression by the evening. notice more rainfall and even on a saturday. the rainfall headlines with the far north bay will continue to press south. and the north bay will continue to be concentrated. with the wind advisory until 10:00 a.m. as for the snowfall and the sierras? it will go to the morning hours. and anywhere
8:22 pm
from 01-5 ft. of snowfall. and 5 ft. at the higher elevations. that is for the weekend but a series of systems. this is one on saturday, 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and also thought to the good news is that it will be dry on christmas. stay with us...
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eve. next at 8-30. burglaries on the rise in one east bay city. why police say the holiday season may have something to to with it. and the new air jordan shoes hit store shelves tomorrow. why people waited in line for hours today. eve though they're not guaranteed to get a >> jacqueline: this live look with the rainfall approaching the north bay. not quite moving in that just yet but it will be, shortly details on how we could impact your morning commute, coming up.
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>>this just in to the kron 4 news room yosemite national park is abolishing a lot of those tent cabins that was leaked to the hantavirus. lane-91 are currently being demolished. at least 10 people were impacted by the
8:32 pm
hantavirus after staying in those ca cabins and edging even three of those people died staying in those cabins. these tent-cavan's have a layer of insulation and the walls. they are not unlike normal-cavan cabins that allows rodents to invest those layers of insulation. the air borne a rodent droppings is what and tax people 91 of these captains and a privilege at yosemite which is right near the half dome. 91 of these-kevin cava can s in the yosemite destroyed because of the hantavirus now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. house republicans abruptly table a vote on increasing taxes for people earning a million dollars or more. house speaker john boehner
8:33 pm
says the measure did not have enough support to pass. the setback complicates attempts to ward off automatic tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect at the end of year. >> p-g-and-e gets the green-light to increase rates to pay for pipeline inspections and upgrades. in the wake of the deadly san bruno gas explosion. the public utilities commission unanimously approved the 299-million dollar hike today. p-g-and-e says the total costs to repair and upgrade its pipelines is about 2-billion. san francisco mayor ed lee is getting behind a new proposal surrounding the sale of gun ammunition.he wants to make it illegal to posses hollow-point bullets. and establish a system that would notify police when someone purchases 500 rounds or more of any type of ammunition. in one sale. rain is returning to the bay area. jacqueline bennet is tracking it. and joins us with an update. >> jacqueline: of pam, it is already moving pushing and
8:34 pm
along the north bay coastline. it has been fairly light but the storm has virtually stalled with plenty of rain fall even snowfall. it does not want to make that seven progression. it will, do that overnight slowly-that a southern-progression. also, there is a rise in residential fast rude awakening for 2-dozen
8:35 pm
which means shoppers will a sales ban on samsung pair. always with kron 4. to avoid the "fiscal cliff". >> this was 19 burglaries in concord. that is reportedly up from the previous numbers since officers told them it is usually increasing raw the holiday season. the next door neighbor,-are ron the holiday season -- are rounaroun. this holiday, we always to make sure that our neighbors are aware that we're
8:36 pm
leaving. we give them the states, and we also stop our newspaper. we have people come in. and we give them the -- dates that we are gone. and if there is a house sitter? we will identify the type of car and convey that information to the phillipe djegal, kron 4. kron-4's scott rates has the latest on the search for the turning now to the
8:37 pm
weather. weekend. it's the nightmare processing suspect adam at least 100-thousand people next month. next at 8-30. burglaries on the rise in one east bay city. why season may have something to to with it. and the new air jordan shoes hit store shelves tomorrow. why people waited in line for hours today. eve though they're not guaranteed to get a stories at eight-thirty.
8:38 pm
house speaker john boehnerin other bay area news. a rude awakening for 2-dozen ocean view. after fire broke out in an apartment about 5-30 this morning on the second floor of a three story building on broad street between capitol andresidents were told to get out. firefighters had the fire under control in about 45- minutes. one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. how the fire started is under investigation. in hayward today, a deadly result of the patents. the new air jordan basketball shoes are set to be released tomorrow. and at the sun valley mall in concord, there was a long line of people waiting for a chance to pay. close to $200-dollars. for the popular shoe. as kron4's haaziq madyun learned. and standing in of what it took to land a pair. the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starts at 11-30 on new years
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>> >> now for today's market update. stocks bounce back from yesterdays sell-off. as traders were optimistic about the prospect of a deal being reached in washington. to avoid the "fiscal cliff". that was before a vote on tax increases stalled in the house. on wall street. the dow strong afternoon session. the nasdaq rose six points. and the s-and-p-500 gained eight. the new york stock exchange may soon have new ownership. >> your forecast, coming up [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> ahhhh 7th and market streets in san francisco is an area so full of activity and action that you have to see it to believe it before i tell you why this fight broke out you might just want to finish what you're eating first if you are looking for something to buy this is might just be the place, however chances are you get what you pay for for example this man is carrying a fed ex box and if you look right here there some sort of computer cable with it and an image of a laptop now most of us know that fed ex does not advertise what in the box it usually just reads fedex but he manages to sell the fed ex box but not before he partially rips it open to reveal whats inside the seller puts the fedex box back in the bag and the sale is made and the buyer stuffs it side hhis back pack and leaves but not before talking to me >> you wanna see some id you >> wanna see some id because you be on tv i bought something so what >> this man with the muni transfer is selling this bike for 35 dollars he see
8:46 pm
me taping and now he wants something from me >> i'm talking to you like a man give me my picture back >> this man told me he was one of the whispers producers and he wanted me to listen to a new group he stopped this muni worker and tried the same line with him which included placing a used earbud in his ear and this man tried to sell me a frozen chicken he got from a local church food giveaway but he was not alone, these woman are regulars, the hit up food banks get free food and resell it dispite the not for resale labels they do this every single day, but get this according sources they all ride in a van that takes them to the food banks to do just this on you should have had enough time to finish your
8:47 pm
food, this fight began after one of the men threw fecal matter on this guy the police arrived and this man was arrested when they searched him they found weed and a needle im telling you 7th and market aint no joke it is as some people say off the hook in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >> jacqueline: we are already is going to see some rainfall. and we have more rain in store for saturday and sunday. temperatures are going to be a lot warmer with the 30's. that is where they're going to stay. no more 20's and 30's. this is virtually stalled to the north. it is approaching the north bay in the last couple of hours after this front is straight over the west coast. it is not going to be moving until tomorrow morning. the futurecast
8:48 pm
pinpointing this by 6:00 a.m. by 9:00, not that much widespread. for that rainfall to move to the south it is moving so slowly. overnight, a bit more activity south of the golden gate. the bulk of the rainfall to the north. tomorrow we will see fairly widespread with light slush moderate rainfall. that was slowly press to the south by a 11 and even slower by 4:00 p.m. and finally, pressing out of the bay by tomorrow evening. a bit of a loaf before saturday. if the rainfall totals is showing a bit of a-low..lull with a wind advisory and the snowfall concentrated in the north bay. with gusting at 55 m.p.h. in court of of snowfall out of this system it. for tomorrow, that is
8:49 pm
fairly widespread and it will continue. for the evening and we will see another storm. quite a bit of snowfall as i mentioned with the lake level and two- feet of snowfall on saturday. with one additional feet on sunday with five-feet of snowfall possible at a higher elevations. again, three different systems the first one tonight, tomorrow saturday evening and sunday afternoon. we are looking at several inches bay-area wide. the good news is that this could become dissipated by saturday fans. com that could change as we see with sierra de decent base and sugar bowl. >> tam tebow barely got
8:50 pm
started and now the most famous could be leaving the big apple. and the player or ball has called the mvp may not play on a sunday. jason is next with sports.
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>> welcome back everyone. another huge game this sunday for the 49ers. a prime-time matchup in seattle with a chance to clinch the division - and possibly a first round bye the big question remains whether defensive tackle justin smith will healthy enough to play. justin smith to play? the big question is whether defensive tackle justin smith will healthy enough to play. smith suffered an elbow injury against the patriots sunday and missed most of the second half. >> off his nickname is cowboy i expect we're going to see de cowboy. he will be settl saddled up. .two days ago it sure seemed like a foregone conclusion smith would be ready to go when coach harbaugh made these comments on knbr radio well today after smith sat out yet another practice harbaugh backed off a little saying he will play, "if it's humanly possible" considering smith hasn't missed a game in 11 years it would have to be a pretty serious injury to keep him out truth is harbaugh loves to keep people guessing, including opposing coaches so we probaly won't know his
8:54 pm
status until a few hours before game-time as for the game - the seahawks are a perfect 6- and-0 at home and play in the loudest stadium in the league >> we are probably going to turn the speakers up as loud as possible and to practice. to get the calls and work on hearing the snap count and watching the balls. >> we will try to get this opportunity to play as hard as we can continue. even in a hostile environment. >> the raiders are playing out the string against carolina and san diego.and given the nfl a sign that this hit was illegal. but he of plants on to appeal. he plans on-to appeal.
8:55 pm
>> i was getting all of that all we hear is, but from the outside looking and they said that it is claimed. but the league is saying that it is a different that it is not -- a clean play. meanwhile, the raiders are planning on using the strains against carolina. he will use prior in the specialty situation said fans have been calling backup quarterback terrelle pryor to get some action it looks like this week those fans will get their wishes sunday. offensive coordinator greg knapp says they plan to use pryor more this week - in what he is callingpryor finally saw the field last week - 2 handoffs and an incomplete pass he has also been impersonating panthers week in practicetrying tohere's pryor and coach dennis allen today >> i will try to prepare myself as well as possible.
8:56 pm
i have not even really played yet. >> one is great about roe is that he continues to work any wants to be good. what is great about--terrell.. could develop. >> has there ever been more hype with less payoff than what happened to tim tebow this year in new york? today a story came out that the jets mercifully plan to release tebow. its you remember all of the hype? rex ryan has gone out of the way to not play tim tebow. despite his success with the denver broncos last year. and tim tebow style, he took the high road. >> they thought it was the best decision for this organization and i respect that. i still respect it. >> do you want to be here next year? >> i will wait until next season to speed.
8:57 pm
>> i will wait until next season to speak about that --. >> tim tebow, taking the high road and probably not wanting to play with being on the bench. also, in las vegas, >> olympic athlete turned las vegas escort suzy favor hamilton.a 3- time u.s. olympian in track and field admitted today that she has been working as an escort in vegas, as well as l.a., chicago and houston over the past year the 44-year-old... who once starred in this nike commercial - went by the name "kelly lundy" and said she earned $600 per hour, or $6,000 for the entire day. she said she often told clients of her true identity thinking they would keep it a secret - which obviously didn't happen favor hamilton - who has a seven year old daughter - tweeted today that she has been depressed and takes full responsibility for her actions >> michael phelps is the associated press male athlete of the year phelps narrowly beat out lebron james for the honor phelps received 40 votes lebron james received 37 votes. this is the second time he has been awarded
8:58 pm
this award. lance armstrong, tiger woods and michael jordan have achieved more than two nominations and victories of male athletic of the year
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